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The glass is half… in my foot

Im so irritated right now, about 3 days ago i stepped on a tiny piece of glass from an ornament that broke and its still in there, it hurts to put pressure on it. I have tried to dig it out to no avail. I walk on the heal of my foot so i don’t… Read More The glass is half… in my foot


Feelings suck

I used to keep everything in and never talk about it I just try ed to push it down and just deal with it. Since my daughter died it’s like I can’t do that it kills me I feel everything good bad whatever. I see other people hurting I feel it… it sucks sometimes because… Read More Feelings suck



I made plans, spent money, and basically rearranged my life for the next few days only to find I am unable to get a final confirmation before driving 7 hours to pick the person up. I had not let my self get overly attached to the idea of getting another baby, but at the moment… Read More Dilemma