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Remodeling sucks

Just under a year ago we moved here and we were able to buy at a crazy low price because things were messed up. Some things we have been able to fix ourselves but others we needed to hire someone. The worst area of the house was the master bathroom so for the last few weeks its been in progress. Its definitely nice to be able to have things customized just how i like it but its also tedious making all these decisions and watching the bill go up and up and UP!

The shower that was there was falling a apart, it didn’t look all that old but it wasn’t installed or sealed correctly so over time it ruined its durability. So I decided i wanted a different type of shower installed and a wall built to separate the shower and tub rather than have a gap in between. luckily the tub was fine it just needed to have the enclosure fixed and cut back. There also was only one plug and since the vanity i am putting in is 94 inches long i felt like it should have 3 so he added 2 more for me (gotta have enough for the clairsonic, straighteners, dryers, maybe my phone lol). There was no vent so i am having him put one in. I actually found a super cool one that has bluetooth and can play music which i thought was kind of awesome! There were no working lights so I had to get a new set of vanity lights and a regular light. One of the windows was placed weird so that had to be moved. There was no storage so i am going to be getting a linen cabinet to make room for towels and various other things.


Here is what the bathroom looked the first time I saw the house. Its a mess, but other than a good scrubbing it stayed this way for almost a year… we used the tub as the sink lol…





Here is what it looked like last week in the next day or so i will take some new pics and show the latest progress

2014-04-30 15.37.15

2014-04-30 15.37.19

2014-05-15 02.32.33


New years projects

Everyone is always this and that about new years resolutions… just because its a new year doesnt mean i am or am not going to do something… so instead I have decided to make a new year project list!  I already planned to do these but i figured i would share it with you all.

  1. a second toddler bunk bed (and i will post the measurements and hopefully a little video on how we did it)
  2. Make an doll house that will fit American girl (or other 18 inch) dolls… should make for an interesting project.
  3. re-do my closet (new shelving etc)
  4. replace my laundry room storage (whats in there just doesn’t work for the space)
  5. Make something to house my daughters doll clothing, shoes and accessories (that crap ends up everywhere).

There are many other things i want to do but these are the big ones i really want/need to do. The doll house is going to take some major planning but i think i can do it myself, i will probably go for something fairly basic, in shape probably no slanted roof because i think it might be wiser to use the top space as more storage for the dolls boxes or whatever…

The bunk bed i actually have to build and hopefully will do that soon, because at the moment the middle girl is just sleeping on a mattress on the floor. We have it done up like a bed but it annoys me i would prefer she have an actual bed, and once the baby is a little bigger she can have the bottom bunk and we can get rid of her crib.

as for my closet its a small walk in that just doesn’t utilize the space the way i would like it to, so i would really like to get it all organized so it looks better and i can get all of my stuff to actually fit without looking like a mess.

I would love to hear what your goals are for this year!