What does Dooces mean?

When I was in high school dooces was always how myself and friends would “peace out” if  your leaving or checking out and I still say it to this day… I chose this name years ago because I was tired of the way things in my life were,  I wanted to say “peace” or “Dooces” to all the negativity and things i was unhappy with in my life. Dooces was my external expression of my wanting to part ways with the past and to move on to create something new… Over the past 7 years this domain has been my off and on blog for many things but it now is about being a mom, adoption, home improvement, diy anything and living my crazy life.


What is this blog about?

This blog will cover, child loss, pcos, weight loss, being a parent, school issues (for my child/children), potty training, cloth diapers and cloth diapering, digital scrapbooking, crafts, cleaning, organizing, saving money, health issues, home remedies, pets (cats), adoption, divorce, being single, shopping and probably a million other things as they happen.




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