Get the funky smell out of drawers

As someone who somewhat frequently buys furniture from Craigslist the drawer smell issue comes up fairly often. The most recent pieces i bought the drawers just had that old wood smell no mold or funky stuff just the smell of a piece that’s been sitting for a long time. How i do I get rid of the odor? The first thing i do is i wipe all the drawers out with Clorox wipes, some like to use Murphys oil soap which is probably a better option and it comes in a spray bottle or even wipes, but its going to take a lot longer to dry and for my purposes the Clorox wipes have worked just fine for me. The next step is baking soda. I buy the big bag of baking soda at Costco (though the smaller boxes work just fine).

You can deodorize the drawers several different ways the first is to take about a half cup of baking soda and sprinkle it in each drawer and let it sit 24 to 48 hours (depending on how strong the odor is etc) Or you can use a big bowl and add several cups of baking soda in it then add some essential or fragrance oils about a table spoon and with a whisk (or fork if you don’t have one handy) sprinkle about a fourth a cup in each drawer and let it sit between 6 and 24 hours.

To remove vacuum it all out using a brush attachment if you have it just to help loosen up any stubborn particles. Then I get a damp cloth and wipe the drawers out because the last time i didnt it got white powder on clothes… so i figure better safe than sorry.

You can also use white vinegar with a fine mist sprayer and spritz all the drawers and either leave them a bit open or out in the sun if that’s an option, the vinegar smell will go away once its dried. The sun will help kill the odor and dry the drawers faster. Do make sure you use the fine mist sprayer any one will do really but you don’t want just any sprayer for 2 reasons 1 it could potentially damage the wood because you are spraying to much the 2nd is its going to take forever to dry.

If your really worried about the smell you can even spray with vinegar and then wait a few days and use the baking soda but typically one or the other should be good enough to kill the smell.

Another option is to paint the drawer insides as well… If you do i would still wipe them down and deodorize before as it may trap the stink in the paint then getting rid of it will be much harder.


The next thing you can do is make your own little sachets to keep in each drawer I use Gain laundry soap in moonlight breeze  I get the sprinkles, fabric softener and dryer sheets… WHat you need:

Scented dryer sheets

Matching scented laundry sprinkles

cheap small hair ties or rubber bands

The dryer sheets I got from target i cant even find them on amazon (which lately is my go to because I am lazy and I am antisocial lol) and the sprinkles i wont even link because you can find them cheaper at target or Walmart. I personally like that they have everything in matching scents so all my clothes will stay fresh.

Step 1: Gather supplies

Step 2: Lay out your softener sheets and add sprinkles to each sheet

Step 3: tie off each sheet with a hair tie or rubber band.

Step 4: toss sachets in drawers to keep clothes extra fresh!




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