ELIMINATE not Accumulate!

blogs-daily-details-minimalist-design-trend-900Society tells us the more we have the better off we are, the happier we will be, the easier life will be and on and on… but the truth is more stuff isn’t making us happier if anything its making us more depressed, more distracted, more disorganized, and making life in general more difficult. Its a very hard habit to break the “stuff cycle” isn’t one you can just snap your fingers and say i am gonna have less shit and then bam you do it… maybe a few people out there but not the majority! Living with less stuff is going to honestly be more work… At first because all this stuff didn’t pile up over night and all the stuff that bugs you isn’t going to end up IT… what about the boxes you have no clue whats in or the stuff tucked away in drawers and bins around the house or what about under the bed, this list could go on and on. So many people are looking for an “easy” way to become minimalist like there is some set amount of items or some formula that once you do get to that point you have some how arrived, NOPE! There is no easy fix there is no formula no secret just different things that work for different people. For myself this has been something i have wanted for years and i do go through things and eliminate a lot but for myself i feel like its not enough because for me it isn’t. SO many minimalist posts and blogs are helpful but i see a few out there that say you need a certain book, or you need certain things to organize or something in general that is going to cost you money, I 100% disagree DON’T SPEND ANY MONEY on becoming a minimalist. At some point you may need something and minimalism isn’t saying your limited to 100 things or you cant spend money its about awareness and to get started the focus should be purely on elimination and not accumulation, the key is mindfulness the first stages were just getting a feel here were learning so adding or spending ANYTHING is a big fat no. The focus should be just picking an area to start on and working on it and focus on removing a few things, whether you sell them or donate the items need to be out of the house within a few days but for me i work 40 hours so sometimes it takes up to a week so i give my self 7 days and if there is nothing promising on the items they are donated. I will say there is an exception with something very pricey i usually allow myself 30 days to sell if i cant by then i just find someone who can use it and i dont feel like its wasted or a loss. Minimalism can feel so unattainable but the truth behind having to much and minimalism is actually pretty basic, its quiet simply remembering that less stuff is less drama, less mess, less money spent, less dusting, and more time and space for opportunity!

I have decided for myself and to share with others wanting the similar things, to put together a minimalism in 30 days series in which i plan to break down my personal journey and discuss my personal progress and so on.


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