Minimalism is a journey not a destination

It took me a really REALLY long time to understand that minimalism is not a place its a journey, a really really, REALLY long journey. I am by far from a minimalist but i always love the calm spacious look of minimalist interiors. I just can never seem to attain or maintain that look… for one i have kids not one, not two but three plus 2 other children live here along with 2 more adults. We actually have a pretty good sized house but we still have way to much stuff… I have tried a lot of things to cut our stuff down but if i don’t do it pretty much constantly it piles back up at a ridiculously alarming rate. My latest thing is i have about 4 really big garbage bags of stuff i need to get rid of but most of the stuff i want and honestly need to sell its just been really hard to find the time to actually do it… plus having to ship a lot of it, i really hate having to do that, but its like $200 or more i could make off the stuff… Some stuff i decided i would for go selling and just give it to people i know who would use it as thats worth more to me than money. I don’t honestly know how to find balance and time to focus of just getting rid of this stuff i just have a super hard time just donating it when i could really use the money… I think realistically this is where i have to make a decision if making money off of these things is such a big thing i need a time limit on how long i have to make that happen…


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