I made plans, spent money, and basically rearranged my life for the next few days only to find I am unable to get a final confirmation before driving 7 hours to pick the person up. I had not let my self get overly attached to the idea of getting another baby, but at the moment I am feeling really angry, my daughter will be devastated! Further more Ii can live with losing $100 but not knowing is going to suck!!! At this point I am not sure what to do. Do I wait or do I just cancel everything and tell her I am done, and that if she wants me to take the baby I will need the baby to have been born and close to ready to be released from the hospital… I cant keep doing this its really to much. Its making my head and my heart hurt and I’m really not sure what to even do or think.

I’m so tired of this kind of thing I don’t need the stress so maybe that is my answer…


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