Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapering issues

Lately I have switched to using throw away diapers… i hate it, it feels so wasteful. Despite what a lot of people think about cloth diapers I like it better, i know what they are made of and there is no chemicals in them and they add up to less stuff going into the trash. So many people think its old style with pins and messes etc… but its way more modern Velcro or snaps… easy. just shake the yuckies into the garbage and put them in the wash on a hot cycle and they come out clean, dry on low (or hang dry, i have done both).

My biggest issue is that lately they have been leaking, I had a lot of bumgenius 4.0 diapers (they are the stuffables) but i switched to the freetime because they are all in one with fold out/in flaps which makes it such a time saver! I remember all the stuffing i had to do especially when the middle 2 were potty training plus the baby… it was a constant cycle of washing and hang drying and then stuffing and repeat. So now it seems they are leaking no matter what I do or how often she is changed. It could be that i need to go back to the 4.0’s but i have basically all freetime diapers now so that means i need to buy more… I am really at a loss but i would prefer to switch back to cloth than throw aways. Maybe they simply wont work for her but tons of people have cloth diapered and been through this there has to be something i can do…


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