Subscription boxes

I adore subscription boxes

I really love getting little things in the mail, be it a good coupon or a free sample! Even when i receive something i ordered online its always like a mini celebration of boxes, tissue paper and irritating tape lol. I joined the Julep nail polish subscription about 6 months ago, and most of the time i like it though i did skip a month because nothing in the collection really interested me. I have a box that should be here soon, the shipping is crazy fast! I will be doing a reveal post and video on you tube once it arrives.

I also decided to try Citrus lane, Bluum, Ipsy and Conscious Box, so i am definitely looking forward to getting those and reviewing them, i will do reveal post and videos for each of them as well. The first 2 are baby themed, my little one doesn’t have a ton of toys so i figured we could try each box for at least a month and see if we can get some decent eco friendly toys, from all the pictures i have seen they both look like they have good offerings so it should be exciting to open them with her! The conscious box is all eco friendly products that don’t have harsh chemicals and are all natural, should be really cool to get to try new things each month. I joined ipsy after watching a few videos of the products from previous months and then seeing that its only $10 a month, wow! After I signed up it said i was wait listed so i was really bummed, but i just got an email (about 6 hours later) saying my subscription is now active and i will be receiving my Ipsy bags starting February! YAY!!! I have to say I am super excited about Ipsy, the products in every bag look awesome and the bags each month are really cute, im not sure i really need a little cosmetic bag every month but they would certainly make cute gifts! (they show the previous ones once you have an account possibly without but cant tell because i saw it through my account) I am a beauty product junkie, and love trying new products but that can be expensive. I absolutely love that i can try a handful every month for only $10 definitely wont break the bank.

My oldest and is mixed and has curly textured hair i love trying new things on her hair so i may also join curl kit but i havent decided yet so we will see. I do like the idea of getting things to try I wouldnt go and buy full size, it would be nice to have a bunch of trial sizes to try out, though they do usually offer something full size in their boxes also, which is kind of nice also.

This year should be full of new content, topics and reviews Im super excited!


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