More space

As of recently we have a lot more space and its been awesome. But there are some things that i really feel need an update. Luckily I am able to do some minor carpentry myself. At the moment whats been really bugging me is the kids rooms… they are plain and boring I dont like it. When i was a kid my room was kind of just thrown together with random crap and it never looked cute. I would love to make their rooms look pretty like in magazines but realistically they have to live in there and in the magazines it seems like its a designed room but no signs anyone really lives there most times. I chose a theme for the girls its super cute lady bugs. But for the boy room I am not sure what direction to go, i want it to be cute but still very boyish. I need to find him a bed set i like and go from there but so far its all characters and silly stuff… I will have to keep looking. I am doing the girls room first since his room is technically fine and theirs has a few holes in the sheet rock i need to fix but i can do that myself. I also am capable of doing the texture myself, painting and adding a pretty pergo floor. I also plan on building a 2nd toddler bunk bed but flipping it so it just a post bed until the baby is ready for a regular bed. I will take some pictures and show what im working with and the progress as we go. I really cant wait to have the girls room done its going to look super cute!


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