Custom Toddler Bunk beds

Having 2 toddlers and a 6 year old in one small room makes space scarce! The youngest since originally I thought their stay was temporary I got a fold away cot for her to use, shes been using it for 6 months. I got a converted crib for the 3 year old off craigslist to make a bed for him about a month after they started living here. I wasn’t really happy with the arrangement but they were fine and it suited our needs at the time. Now that its clear they will be staying long term and most likely indefinitely I really felt like we needed a new solution to make their room work but also maximize space for them. Since the middle of last month I was looking for ways I could some how fit my older daughters twin bed and also 2 toddler beds… Nothing would work… plus I had the 2 years old dresser in the hall because there just wasn’t room for it. I though what about toddler bunk beds so the first thing that came to mind was the Kura bed from Ikea, but it comes with a price tag of $199 plus i would have to buy 2 new mattresses and a twin is awfully big for a 2 and 3 year old, My almost 7 year old who is relatively tall looks small on one so for them i kept thinking it would simply be way to big plus I already have 2 toddler mattresses. So i decided to just Google toddler bunk beds, the only site i found that actually sold them would be $600… I really wasn’t looking to spend that much money on a bed that didn’t honestly look great to me. I found a picture on pintrest of an IKEA hack of the Kura bed but in toddler size. I thought hmmm maybe we could just build it our self? Several people told me I was crazy or wouldn’t actually do it. So I got my measurements and got a bunch of wood and got started.


The bed in the picture above with the kids on it took the majority of the day to build but they were super excited so we put everything in it and let them sleep in it. I felt that the top needed something just in case he could fall out or if he was playing and the mattress slipped. I also thought maybe the bottom could use a bit more support but it was really sturdy so i let them sleep in the bed that night. The next day I went to the hardware store and got the rest of the wood and here is the finished product.


Now there is no way any one is slipping out from the top the mattress fits snug in the top and the sides are braced better for my own comfort… bottom line i know how toddlers are, they aren’t the best at listening so I felt I needed more so that I feel confident the bed is safe, and they are secure in the bed. The bed still needs to be painted but I haven’t decided what color yet. once its fully painted I will post an updated picture. I must say I love that it has a smaller foot print and looks fairly minimalistic. Plus it fits the mattresses we already had and cost less than $100 and now I can fit the extra dresser and they still have play space!!! I love it and am pretty proud that my best friend and I were able to actually build this. The kids love it too, its made lower than traditional bunk beds so if they do fall out its not as far (hopefully that doesn’t happen though!). It fits what we need and we are definitely happy with it!


6 thoughts on “Custom Toddler Bunk beds”

  1. HI,
    I know you posted this in May 2013, but I am very interested in building this bed.
    Like you, I have 2 Foster to Adoption children, who need more room without the cost and space hogging of a big bed. My 2 are 3 and 5.

    Do you have any plans or dimensions for your beautiful and simple creation?
    I am very interested and thank you for you craftiness and willingness to share your journey.


    1. Hello Marilyn, I actually am planning to make a second bunk bed so when i do i will post pictures of the process and i will post the dimensions and instructions etc.

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