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Meet Pria

2014-03-02 15.56.40I have though about getting a dog for a while but never did. I ended up stumbling upon an add for free puppies and fell in love with one in the pictures. So I decided to get her. I am really glad she was “free” because day one we dropped several hundred bucks for a kennel, food, toys, potty pads and so on. Shes so sweet, she is part Labrador and pit bull, many have strong opinions of Pitts but i grew up with one that was the same mix with out any issues so i’m not worried about it.

One thing I ended up spending a bit more on was her dog food. I know that most lower costing companies used low grade products and fillers. I really don’t like that and I try (not the most successfully) to eat healthy so if I am taking on caring for a dog I felt like she should have something good for her so I choose Whole Earth Farms Puppy Food which is grain free and made from only good stuff… and the bag is really cute lol. I also decided to grab a few cans of their canned puppy food.

I also got the Petmate Kennel I got a bigger one because i wanted her to have some room even though its only for at night. I hate having to kennel her but with kids there is just no way to let her out at night especially as a puppy.

I also decided to join a few monthly subscriptions for her because she only has a few toys and since she is a puppy she will probably have them every where and destroy some if not all during her puppy-hood. I also rather enjoy my subscriptions so I picked a few (the ones with coupons for a discount on your first month!) to give them a try and to give us several batches a month of toys and treats for her. I though Bugsy box looked good and when i went to the site a thing for $10 off the first month popped up WIN! It brought the first box down to $9.00 and each box contains between 5 – 7 products in it!

The next box i choose was the Happy Dog Box. I choose it because the products looked good and seemed like one with products i might choose myself, and it had a code on the site for 50% off the first month, YEAH! I love discounts if you cant tell. If you click my link you can get a 50% coupon from me referring you. I really liked that they broke it down by the dogs size too so i know she will be getting things that are for her specifically!

The last actual box I joined for Pria was the Spoiled Rotten Box, everything they showed looked good and I felt they would be a good fit. On the site the offer $5 off your first month.

The last “subscription” I choose was Doggie Lawn I don’t have much of a yard and its not always easy to get her to go outside so I thought this could be perfect so that hopefully she understands to potty on the grass and not my floor, shes doing better than she was. At first she would just go wherever but over the last few days she has started to run to the potty mats I got her. I still feel the lawn could be better but i have never tried anything like it so hopefully it will work for her!

Once everything comes I will post pictures of the boxes and the lawn, I will also do unboxing videos and reviews.

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This time of year

This time of year is always a little difficult, in 2 days my daughter would have been 10! That’s crazy to me, has it really been that long? It also doesn’t help that seasonal depression runs in my family, typically all winter i am less motivated and down. This year it started early (so it probably was just depression not just seasonal) I finally decided to opt for some mild anti-depressants to give me a boost and that has helped a lot. Its been a crazy year adjusting from having only one child to having 4! It wasn’t as difficult as i would have thought but there are always those moments. This year we did a little bit of everything like; potty training not one but two children, kids fighting, finding fun places to take them and all the birthdays!!!!

This Christmas will be incredibly different, last year i didn’t know how long the kids would be staying so i spent what extra money on things they needed so it basically went to a whole wardrobe of clothes and shoes, plus we didn’t have as much money then. This year Myself and my best friend (who lives here also) both got jobs and that has more than tripled our income making buying lots of presents much easier! last year i think our budget for each kid was about $50 – $75… this year it was $500 for each (all though i think i spent half of that for the baby’s stuff because shes little and doesn’t care. I started saving a little each month for Christmas and birthdays this year so i knew they would all have lots of nice things to open and enjoy. It felt really nice to be able to spoil them all a little because just a year ago the middle two literally had nothing and now they have plenty and will have an awesome Christmas!!!

Being able to afford to get all of the kids as much as i was fortunate to definitely has made this year much better than other years, and i am actually excited to see them open them! Last year i cried i felt bad because they didn’t have hardly anything to open so thankful this year we have been blessed!

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How I got a free bumGenius from Amazon

I already had 4 of the bumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers and had one free time, after trying the free time i wondered why i even got the pocket style because the free time is so much easier in my opinion. So i decided to buy another in grasshopper green. But this week when it arrived along with the other items i had ordered, i was confused. I only use the snap style i have found Velcro just doesn’t hold up long term on the grow with me style. The diaper I had received was Velcro, so i went to my order history to check it out and see if i had mistakenly purchased the wrong one, but I had not. So I thought about it and decided i would e-mail Amazon thinking maybe they would give me a few dollars back to put towards buying another one in the snap style.

Here are the labels the back shows its a snap diaper but the front barcode shows its Velcro oops.

DoocesDotCom_label_confusion_1 DoocesDotCom_label_confusion_2

Amazon replied to me in the wee hours of the morning saying they checked and it was their mistake and they refunded the whole diaper and let me keep this one. I was honestly shocked but a little giddy because Velcro or not its still a BumGenius, and thus far in my diaper adventures bumGenius has shown to be the cream of the crop. I don’t like Velcro but i only have 2 others and they are newborn size not a snap down adjustable style so I am a little excited to now have the chance to review both versions on here!

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Apple Cheeks Diaper Post 1

I love cloth diapers, I know most dont get it (I will blog about why later). I have a little obsession with trying them all and getting a new one to me is exciting, yes i said it EXCITING lol. Last week I ordered the AppleCheeks 2-Size Envelope Cloth Diaper Cover.  I bought the raspberry sorbet cover, online it looked more hot pinkish but in person its more reddish pink, but still pretty.It arrived today so I threw it in the wash to prep it. The AppleCheeks diaper covers dont have a liner included, they do have a pocket but its located near the middle rather than the back like most pocket diapers. The diaper is very soft and seems well made. I always hang dry my diaper covers and it dried very quickly. The diaper cover is light weight and seems less bulky than many others. This diaper is not an AIO size it fits weight range from about 7 – 20 pounds. My baby is about 12lbs and it went on her easy and there were 2 waist sizes still left unused on each side. The diaper fit well though with the ruffle looking edges around the legs and top of the diaper made me think it may leak fairly easily onto clothing so we will see how well it actually preforms. I found the diaper was easy to put on her and she seemed comfortable in it. I honestly liked the placement of the pocket, it made inserting the liner much easier than having to pull it all the way to the end, this way made it easy to tuck the first half and then open the back side and tuck it, took half the time others do and the liner didn’t get twisted like the others tend to so i didn’t have to pull or adjust it. It also seemed less bulky once stuffed. I have Laila in the diaper now so I will write a review on how the diaper actually preforms later.
I snapped a few pictures of the diaper so you can see all the different sides of it. I find it annoying that most sites where you buy the diapers only show a front or back view, and dont really show or describe the inside. If you have never used cloth diapers a lot of figuring out what works for you and your baby leaves you to rely on sight and a few reviews that honestly tend to not be that helpful on most sites, most reviews seem to be more about the seller or shipping than the actual diaper. Any way here is what the diaper looks like.

Apple_cheeks_Diaper_DoocesDotCom_1 Apple_cheeks_Diaper_DoocesDotCom_2 Apple_cheeks_Diaper_DoocesDotCom_3 Apple_cheeks_Diaper_DoocesDotCom_5 Apple_cheeks_Diaper_DoocesDotCom_6 Apple_cheeks_Diaper_DoocesDotCom_7 Apple_cheeks_Diaper_DoocesDotCom_8 Apple_cheeks_Diaper_DoocesDotCom_9 Apple_cheeks_Diaper_DoocesDotCom_4