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Meet Pria

2014-03-02 15.56.40I have though about getting a dog for a while but never did. I ended up stumbling upon an add for free puppies and fell in love with one in the pictures. So I decided to get her. I am really glad she was “free” because day one we dropped several hundred bucks for a kennel, food, toys, potty pads and so on. Shes so sweet, she is part Labrador and pit bull, many have strong opinions of Pitts but i grew up with one that was the same mix with out any issues so i’m not worried about it.

One thing I ended up spending a bit more on was her dog food. I know that most lower costing companies used low grade products and fillers. I really don’t like that and I try (not the most successfully) to eat healthy so if I am taking on caring for a dog I felt like she should have something good for her so I choose Whole Earth Farms Puppy Food which is grain free and made from only good stuff… and the bag is really cute lol. I also decided to grab a few cans of their canned puppy food.

I also got the Petmate Kennel I got a bigger one because i wanted her to have some room even though its only for at night. I hate having to kennel her but with kids there is just no way to let her out at night especially as a puppy.

I also decided to join a few monthly subscriptions for her because she only has a few toys and since she is a puppy she will probably have them every where and destroy some if not all during her puppy-hood. I also rather enjoy my subscriptions so I picked a few (the ones with coupons for a discount on your first month!) to give them a try and to give us several batches a month of toys and treats for her. I though Bugsy box looked good and when i went to the site a thing for $10 off the first month popped up WIN! It brought the first box down to $9.00 and each box contains between 5 – 7 products in it!

The next box i choose was the Happy Dog Box. I choose it because the products looked good and seemed like one with products i might choose myself, and it had a code on the site for 50% off the first month, YEAH! I love discounts if you cant tell. If you click my link you can get a 50% coupon from me referring you. I really liked that they broke it down by the dogs size too so i know she will be getting things that are for her specifically!

The last actual box I joined for Pria was the Spoiled Rotten Box, everything they showed looked good and I felt they would be a good fit. On the site the offer $5 off your first month.

The last “subscription” I choose was Doggie Lawn I don’t have much of a yard and its not always easy to get her to go outside so I thought this could be perfect so that hopefully she understands to potty on the grass and not my floor, shes doing better than she was. At first she would just go wherever but over the last few days she has started to run to the potty mats I got her. I still feel the lawn could be better but i have never tried anything like it so hopefully it will work for her!

Once everything comes I will post pictures of the boxes and the lawn, I will also do unboxing videos and reviews.

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Im back

The last few months have been weird, hectic, stressful and kind of crazy… For a very long time I was stuck in a rut but I think I am out and I wanted to kick hopefully the beginning of something good, with a fresh start a new domain and all that good stuff. So much has happened in the last 3 months. The biggest thing Is realizing that I cant live like I was, you can only mope around and feel like trash for so long… its been 4 years since Hannah died and I just am finally putting my life back together. That was a long grieving period and I honestly want sure I would ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am still sad that Hannah is gone but I can finally say I am OK with it and that no longer rules over my life any more. I am finally free from that control on my life.

So much has happened… I still work at target… it blows to say the least but whatever i guess what can you do right?! We are moving forward with the adoption process we just started all the paper work which is exciting. I also just ordered my Nikon d80 that I have been drooling over for some time! I am hoping to do some professional photography and as soon as it comes I will be working on my portfolio.

Since I last blogged some new things have happened… For one we got a puppy, and a new car, Johnny & I have been married for a little over a year now and got rid of a ton of stuff… I will have to post pictures tomorrow because I don’t know what I did with my memory memory stick…